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This site makes use of cookies to store product data generated by our database which is required for the proper functioning of the application. In the event this function becomes non-operational, visitors will be unable to purchase viewed items via the website.

Personal Information

Personal information collected is not shared or sold to any third party organization. This information is solely used for the purpose of deliveries, simply to identify a buyer's location. Since Bimtee.com provides for free viewing, information can be collected from persons of any age.


No security protocols are implemented on this site, as a result, this site does not offer security for any information submitted to our database. This is due to the fact that no credit card or any other sensitive information is captured. Any information gathered on our server is not shared. This information is intended for and is viewed only by the website's operators.

External Links

Site operators are not responsible or liable in any way for behavior, conduct, content, security or actions of any websites associated with any given external links.

Contact Information

Any questions regarding our privacy policy can be forwarded to support@bimtee.com.

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