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The Story Begins...

Bimtee Web Logo I am Dwayne Clarke, Developer of Bimtee.com. An idea developed while attending the University of the West Indies - summer 2007 - from the discomfort of my dismantled computer chair, at least one of them, somewhere on the island of Barbados. I love to peruse the internet, often in seek of motivation from other parts of the world; specifically advancements in technology or research in technology or new innovations or architecture...you get the idea. As I come across articles about dropouts from Harvard creating Microsoft and Facebook or dropouts from Illinois creating Oracle or dropouts from Reed Colleges creating Apple Computers, I wonder what the PHD graduates from the University of the West Indies are creating, must be big, I can't wait, it is taking an awful long time, hope it is really good.

I enjoy the relationship between technology, design and business; a relationship which is positively influenced by the enthusiasm, patriotism, discomfort, competitiveness, discontent, pride, etc. of dropouts, graduates, governments and private companies alike, characteristics which are lacking in Bajan society.

If it is desired by the people of Barbados to become entrepreneurs, start new industries, and become global leader, we need to be at the forefront of technology. This can only happen if children embrace technology from an early age, understand their goals and how they can be met, and have the ability to manipulate their knowledge to achieve these goals. At the same time creating not only good scientist but the perpetuating culture that is required for these goals to reached by new generations.

So I developed www.bimtee.com, my first project aimed at developing e-commerce and the enthusiasm for the development of technology. I saw the opportunity to accelerate e-commerce in the Barbados and at the same time, provide a way to celebrate Bajan culture and craft through design. Bimtee.com started as an idea which evolved around the social behaviour of everyday shoppers; now more than ever Bajans are embracing technology which opens the door for young entrepreneurs who are creative, who have big ideas, and are not scared to fail.

Remember the movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio, A dream within a dream... Bimtees are much like this; we create concepts within our general theme of Minimalism, Typography & Culture like our Guys & Girls™ shirts which consist of only blue and pink tees or our Accessotees™ where we accessorise the t-shirt with emblems. We strongly believe people appreciate simple yet aesthetically pleasing things. This idea births new concepts that we express through our apparel. Hopefully in 2011 this vision will be realised and echoed by the many patrons and supporters of our products.

Our Core Values

We believe our first priority is to our customers and as such, we feel it is important to define the core values which our culture, brands, and relationships are built upon. If Bimtee.com was an advisor he would say to me:
  1. Make the customer the number one priority
  2. Keep it simple, be creative, be innovative, and be original
  3. Give back to your community
  4. Desire to learn and improve yourself
  5. Be passionate and determined
  6. Be yourself, respect other people's beliefs and be open-minded
  7. Strive for perfection
  8. Play hard, play harder
  9. Embrace failure
  10. Build trustworthy communication channels in all relationships

Customer Service Motto

If the customer believes in Aliens then Aliens exist.


Our mission is to be a medium between creativity and the world. We aim to expose our minimalistic, typographic, and cultural themed designs through Bimtee.com, promoting the development and recognition of our artist from their ideas to implementation. We strive to be a convenient source for quality purchases at a reasonable and competitive price while providing exemplary customer service, to encourage relations with our customers, and to provide quality products.


Bimtee believes that success is not only about making a profit, it is also about giving back to the community, it is about encouraging development and the perpetuating nature of success. Bimtee hopes to be a staple in our community and be the personification of the new entrepreneur (enthusiastic, patriotic, comfortless, competitive, discontented, prideful, etc) and to assist in the development of culture, technology, and art in the Caribbean. We know you are looking for a website that stands out among all others and is unique as you are! We will work to promote our many artists and designers to bring you a large selection of fine products as we look to transcend in other regions.

Operation Hours

Shopping Days: Monday - Sunday: 12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Delivery Days: Monday - Friday: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Support Days: Monday - Friday: 06:00 am - 08:00 pm

Contact Information

Phone: 1. 246. 237. 7585
E-mail: bimtee@bimtee.com
Skype: bimtee

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